I am Fabienne Chapot, CEO and founder of this brand. 15 years… it feels like an incredible journey. With this project I wanted to stay true to my main mission since the start of my company - to bring positivism, colour and a boost of energy. Therefore, with FC XV I want to celebrate our successes and to cherish all the people who helped me to build and grow this brand and connect with them. After all these years I am motivated more than ever to show the world who we are: every woman deserves a little spark of FC in her life. Empty An anniversary is also a moment to reflect on the past and by doing that I felt the need to re-install some iconic pieces from the past. I went back to the roots and I secretly started to work on relaunching our bag collection. I am superproud to present this collection with a wink to the past, fully modernized to the present-day brand values. Empty I invite you to experience the best of FC. Here in the FC XV Expo our past, present and future, it all comes together in an interactive and inspiring way. I look forward to connecting and celebrating with you at our expo!

As handmade prints are at the backbone of our success no doubt the 15 year anniversary deserves a unique print. The ‘sweet 15’ print was born from the creative mindset of our in-house print designers who combined typical FC characteristics like hearts, stars and flowers into a bold statement contemporary print. In bright yet sophisticated colours, it sparks so much FC joy as no print has ever done before.

The print is created by several iconic designs from the past of Fabienne Chapot. Harts and flowers are the foundation of our brand. They make us happy.

Discover The Masterpieces

Get to know our seven creatives and see how they make this experience happen.

Hayley Belton, Head of Design “We really wanted to create a celebration - the masterpieces with a twist on the past/future prove we’re more than just a print brand.”
Florine & Jeroen, Dutch Institute of Royal Taste (DIRT) “We’ve made the design for the FCXV Expo, using a clash of modern and antique items, creating interactive installations visitors can be a part of.”
Henriette Tilanus, Print Designer “The anniversary styles are fully embroidered pieces, using different techniques inspired by our Sweet 15 print.”
Stéphane Barbier, Designer “The hand-painted Sweet 15 print is very Chapot with over 24 colours and lots of hearts and stars!”
Lillian Admiraal, Designer “We re-designed the original Fab bags into modern silhouettes with poppy new colours.”
Fia Hamelijnck, Creative Marketeer “We translated our future-proof mission into an empowering yet feminine campaign.”
Kertu Serikov, Graphic Designer “For the branding and communication for FCXV I used the idea of colour-blocking and bold typography for a graphic look.”